Your thoughts - services for vulnerable customers

It’s really important our customers are involved in shaping how we work as a business, so we want your input on all our crucial policies and procedures. At the moment we’re looking at how we deliver services for vulnerable customers.

Posted 20 Dec 2023

Talk to us about the way we work

We want to know things like how our customers would define or classify a vulnerability and how our services could be better personalised to meet specific needs.

If you or someone in your household has a vulnerability, or even if you don’t, we’d like to hear your opinions to help us shape what we do. We’re holding events, in January and February, which you're invited to attend to share your views - we’d love to hear from you.

There’s a £10 shopping voucher for giving us your time and giving us your feedback!

Please get in touch to book your place by emailing completing our contact us form or call us on 0330 355 1000.

Events details:

Talk to us about the way we work: Gorton Hub 
Date: Tuesday 30 January
Location: Gorton hub
Address: 27 Garratt Way, Gorton M18 8HE  
Times: 10:30 – 12pm and 12:30 – 2pm

Talk to us about the way we work: The Grange 
Date: Thursday 1 February
Location: The Grange
Address: The Grange, Pilgrim Drive, Beswick, M11 3TQ  
Times: 11 – 12:30pm and 1 – 2:30pm

Talk to us about the way we work: Aquarius Centre
Date: Friday 2 February
Location: Aquarius Centre
Address: Aquarius Centre, 21 Eden Close, Hulme, M15-6AX  
Times: 11 – 12:30pm and 1 – 2:30pm

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