Support and wellbeing

If you or someone you know is a One Manchester customer who is struggling, our Support and Wellbeing team might be able to help. 

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Support if you're at risk of losing your home

If you’re currently at risk of losing your home or are currently homeless, Manchester City Council can help you with housing advice. You can find out more and access their Advice Aid service on their website.

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Support and Wellbeing team

Our Support and Wellbeing team is here to help anyone in need of support, to ensure you can continue to live in your homes and improve your wellbeing.

What support is available?

Our Support and Wellbeing team can help One Manchester customers who are: 

  • At risk of homelessness 
  • Dealing with substance misuse 
  • Experiencing mental health difficulties 
  • Experiencing physical health difficulties 
  • Experiencing hoarding in their property 
  • Experiencing social isolation and are struggling to access essential services, for example GPs or the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) 
  • Going through the Early Help Assessment process with their children
  • Dealing with significant health issues that are not being supported, and are impacting the ability to maintain their tenancy

The team also accepts referrals from friends, family, and agencies, including social services, community mental health teams, GPs, and the voluntary sector. Please note referrals will only be accepted with the consent of the customer themselves. 

Get in touch

You can contact the team by calling us on 0330 355 1000 and asking to speak with a member of the Support and Wellbeing team.