Booking repairs information

Find out how to book a repair, what to do in an emergency, and read our repairs FAQs here.

When an emergency repair is reported, we aim to have an operative at your property within 24 hours (with some repairs being made safe within 4 hours).

To best use our resources, we class certain jobs as emergencies - these are dealt with in a 24-hour period. Only genuine emergencies are done out-of-hours. If an emergency call-out is not a true emergency, costs will be charged to you. We must prioritise the most urgent repairs and the list below specifies what repairs we class as emergencies.

If your repair isn’t listed below, please book your repair via the normal routes.

If you have signs of damp and mould in your property, contact us as soon as possible on 0330 355 1000. You can also contact us using our contact form, if possible, please include a description/photo of the damp or mould issue in your home, and a member of the team will be in touch to arrange a visit to the property. 

Where you or your home is at risk due to a major water leak from any part of the heating system, or where the heating system fails during periods of severe cold weather and where no alternative heating source is available. We recommend that you purchase at least one portable fan heater for emergency situations.

If you smell gas, please call the National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111999. They will attend your home to isolate the meter and make everything safe. If this results in a lack of heating, it will be dealt with as above (see 'heating and hot water').

If you suffer a loss of power supply where there is a total loss of power to sockets throughout your home. Our operatives will also attend as an emergency in instances of power loss to lighting circuits when there is a hazard to health, such as failure of all lights in your home or failure of lights to communal hallways.

If the leak is causing damage then it will be considered an emergency, especially if it’s penetrating an electrical fitting. In this instance, one of our operatives will attend your home ASAP.

If water is entering your home and causing major damage, or if a loose part is becoming dangerous and you’re unable to make it safe.

If you have no working toilet in your home. Please note that, in certain circumstances, if the blockage is likely to caused due to your actions, you may be charged for the repair.

We will send an operative out to make sure your window is safe and secure as part of an emergency visit. We will then book in a follow up appointment to re-glaze the window.

If your door is damaged in a break-in and will not close, or if your ground floor window is jammed open or if a lock will not operate. We will make safe and secure at an emergency visit.

If the walls or fences on your property become unsafe and potentially dangerous, we will attend to make them safe, e.g. if they are damaged due to a storm.

Our operatives will be happy to support you with the repair of manhole covers that are within the boundary of your home.

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Book a repair online

If you want to book a non-emergency repair, booking online is the quickest and easiest way to do it.

  • Simply head over to your online account and click ‘book a repair.’
  • To get registered, you’ll just need an email address, your customer reference number (available on all your rent statements or from our contact centre), and your National Insurance number.
  • Once you’ve clicked 'book a repair', you’ll be asked to choose your repair. You'll then need to upload a photo and choose your time slot. For some repairs we will need to get a bit more information from you, so you may receive a call back.
  • Once you have booked your repair, you will receive an email confirmation. You will also be able to reschedule and cancel this appointment, along with any other repairs you have booked online.
  • On the day of your appointment, you will receive a text message confirming your repair booking.

The repairs you can book online

You can book most repairs online using our customer portal.

How we prioritise repairs

Emergency – responded to within 24 hours of being reported (some made safe in 4 hours).

Appointable – carried out within 45 working days of being reported.

Urgent – carried out within 10 working days of being reported.

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About your appointment

Life can get in the way and we know it’s not always possible to be at home for your repair appointment. If this happens, you'll need to cancel your appointment with at least 24hrs notice. If you booked your repair online, you can cancel it online.

Please remember that from time to time, we do have to charge missed appointment fees if customers regularly miss their pre-booked appointments as we incur significant costs.

Things to remember before and during your repair appointment: 

  • Listen out for the door - our operatives will knock on your door or ring the doorbell when they arrive, so please try to keep other loud noises to a minimum. 
  • Make sure someone over 16 is home - we won’t enter your property if anyone under the age of 16 is there alone or unsupervised. 
  • Keep any pets secure - make sure your pets are safely away in another room so that our operatives can get on with their work safely when they arrive. 
  • Please don’t smoke - we ask that you don’t smoke while our operatives are working in your home.

Repairs schedules

AM (08:00 - 12:00)

PM (12:00 - 16:00)

Avoid school run (10:00 - 14:00)

Evening (16:00 - 17:30)

All day (08:00 - 16:00)

Your responsibility as a tenant and our responsibility as a landlord

There are some repairs and general upkeep that you’re responsible for managing in your home. If you or someone you know would consider yourself to be a vulnerable customer, we will work with you to offer support based on your circumstances.

Our responsibilities Your responsibilities
Repairs to sanitation Avoid doing anything which may result in blockages to pipes and drains (e.g. disposing of fat/oil or nappies/wipes. down toilets or in sinks).
Repairs to any external plumbing Unclogging blockages to waste pipes to sinks, showers, basins, baths and toilets.
Fixing significant leaks Replacing broken plugs, chains or bathroom pull cords.
  Arranging for a dishwasher to be installed and plumbed in. 
  Bleeding radiators 
  Refixing radiators after decoration
Our responsibilities Your responsibilities
Maintaining grass in communal areas Keep gardens clean and tidy, clearing rubbish and maintaining grass and greenery.
All structural and external repairs (unless damage is caused by you) Keeping the inside of your home clean and all decoration in good condition.
Repairs to and painting of communal and/or external areas Making sure you have written permission before carrying out any alteration or improvement to your home.
Our responsibilities Your responsibilities
Repairs to heating and hot water systems Provision and installation of cookers and cooker connection (cookers must be installed by qualified tradespeople)
  Replacing batteries in thermostats
  Cleaning and testing of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors other than at gas servicing
  Relighting pilot lights and resetting heating controls
  Arranging the installation of telephone points, TV sockets, aerials and dishes including removal for repairs

Repairs FAQ's

Common repairs questions