Our Neighbourhood teams are here to support you to be safe, secure and happy in your home and neighbourhood.

Meet your Neighbourhood Officer

Say hello to your Neighbourhood Officer! They’re here to make sure you’re safe, secure and happy in your home and neighbourhood. They can help you with everything from anti-social behaviour concerns to helping you access support and services.

Find your Neighbourhood Officer

Enter your address below and click search and you'll find your Neighbourhood Officer's details.

Rent to Buy, Shared Ownership or Leasehold?

If you’re one of our Rent to Buy, Shared Ownership, or leasehold customers you won’t have a Neighbourhood Officer. Don’t worry, if you need us you can get in touch with your Leasehold Officer instead or call our Customer Resolution Centre on 0330 355 1000.

Helping you in your home and neighbourhood

Your Neighbourhood Officer is your key point of contact at One Manchester. You can contact them directly, pop into your nearest Neighbourhood drop-in session or chat with them at your tenancy experience visit.

Visiting you in your home

Every year, we’ll be in touch to arrange your annual tenancy experience visit to your home. This visit is all about you and your home and understanding where you might need advice or support from us. 

Drop in sessions

You can find your Neighbourhood Drop in session at your local hub where you can speak to a neighbourhood officer about your home, community and anything else to do with your tenancy. 

An external view of Gorton Hub

Visit us at your local Neighbourhood Hub

We run our services from a range of community centres which we call our Neighbourhood Hubs. These hubs are local to you and host weekly drop-in sessions with our Neighbourhood Officers.

Neighbourhood clean-ups

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