Corporate Plan

In challenging times people need more than just a landlord, and we’re proud to be just that.  

We have one vision

To create, inclusive, connected and sustainable places where people can thrive. 

We have one purpose

To provide good quality homes, great services and real opportunities for our customers and communities.

We invest

We invest in new homes for rent and sale, community facilities and public space.

We provide

We provide advice on money, wellbeing, employment and training.

We build

We build partnerships to support inclusive growth and to build a brighter future.

We have big ambitions

To fulfil our purpose and achieve our vision, we’re committed to delivering great services and quality homes, providing more great places to live, and investing further in our communities. Our plans for 2022-2025 are built around three priorities: People, Place, Prosperity.

Our Corporate Plan runs from 2022-25, and in Year 1 our focus was on 'Strengthening our foundations'. Our upcoming customer annual report will provide an update on how we've performed against our aims.

This year (2023/24) our focus is on 'Embedding our learning'. Continuing on from last year's priorities, this year's theme is influenced by key developments in the housing sector including the Social Housing Regulation Act and the recommendations in Better Social Housing.

Our priorities

Download our corporate plan

Corporate Plan 2022-2025 Year 1
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Corporate Plan 2022-2025 Year 2
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