Stay safe this Bonfire Night

Posted 04 Nov 2022

Ahead of Bonfire Night, we’d like to remind our customers and local communities of the relevant guidance and information to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the evening and stay safe and well. 

Recently, a number of our residents were forced to move out of their homes, whilst works were carried out to repair the damage caused to their properties by a stray firework set off by a local resident. The rogue firework not only caused damage to the residents homes, it also impacted the electrical supply for a number of properties on the road, as well setting a tree and gardens on fire. 

To help our customers stay safe and well this bonfire night, we’ve collated the key firework and bonfire advice and guidance below.

Firework and bonfire safety

We want all our residents to safely enjoy Bonfire Night, which is why we would encourage you to avoid having your own bonfire or fireworks. 

If you do want to host your own Bonfire Night event, please ensure that you read the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) guidance and follow the Firework Safety Code, to ensure your event is kept free from accidents.

GMFRS is also running a fireworks amnesty to help reduced the number of firework related accidents during the Bonfire period. If you have fireworks, you want to safely dispose of you can do so safely by calling GMFRS on 0800 555 815 to arrange for them to be collected.