Save money, save the environment!

Posted 01 Nov 2021

Did you realise that saving the environment can also save you money too?

Here are five easy ways that you can make a difference to your spending and the planet.

Remember the 3 Rs: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Reduce: Do you often buy items without thinking about what happens when you have finished using them? Why not look at Made2Be Made Again to learn more.

Re-use: Upcycling or shopping at second-hand or charity shops can find you some fantastic bargains. Or how about starting a ‘swap shop’ with your family and friends? The 'Love Your Clothes’ website has some clever and creative ways of doing this. Get some ideas from Love Your Clothes.

Don’t forget to use re-usable bags and containers for your food shopping and cooking.

Recycle: It’s really easy to recycle and reduce the amount of waste on our planet. Remember, if you put the wrong items in your recycling bin then your bin may not get collected. There are useful links on our website.

Give your home an energy check

Are you on the best deal? The energy industry regulator, Ofgem, say switching could save you around £300 a year! Switching your gas or electricity supplier is very easy, simply visit uSwitch’s website.

Don’t forget to look out for ‘green’ energy tariffs which use renewable energies such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Get a smart meter installed 

A smart energy meter is free and gives you accurate bills as well as showing how much energy and money you are using in your home. Ask your energy supplier if they can fit a smart meter in your home. 

Are you wasting money? Here are some things to think about.

  • If you leave your electric items on standby you’re spending money unnecessarily. 
  • The recommended healthy temperature is between 18- 21 degrees. Anything higher or lower than this might be risking your health and could lead to damp and mould in your home. Try turning down your heating down by 1 degree at a time as this will save you money on your bills. 
  • Installing LED lightbulbs into your lamps will use 90% less energy than other bulbs.
  • You might be eligible for free draft-proofing and energy advice in your home with LEAP

Food for thought

The average UK household wastes £470 worth of food each year. There is lots you can do to use leftover food and save on your food shopping bill. To get some great tips visit Love Food Hate Waste.

If you are struggling to afford to buy food for yourself or your family, your local Community Grocers can help with discounted items.

Change your travel habits 

In our last issue we featured lots of ways to cut costs with travel around the city with schemes from Travel for Greater Manchester (TfGM). Find out more about these schemes at TFGM or read the story on our website.