One Manchester Customer Survey

Posted 31 Jan 2022

From June 2021 we will be working alongside a research organisation, called IFF Research, to carry out some customer phone calls. This will form part of our ongoing research to understand our residents better. 

What is the research for?

Every few years we are required by the government to contact the people living in our homes and make sure that the details we hold about you are correct. This helps us to understand more about you and others living in your household so that we can continue to provide services and support that are best suited to your needs. It also means we can plan resources for where you live and for your local community, as it will have unique requirements, depending on the people who live there.

We will also be contacting some of our customers every month to ask about overall satisfaction with One Manchester and satisfaction with specific services, such as contacting us by phone or our repairs service. This will help us to make continual improvements to the services that we provide to our customers.

What does it involve?

Starting in June 2021, an external research company called IFF Research will begin telephone surveys on behalf of One Manchester to some of our customers, they may also contact you by email to ask if you wish to take part in the surveys online.IFF Research will carry out the survey in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. Any answers you provide to our questions will be confidential, stored securely and will not be shared with anyone other than One Manchester.

We would really appreciate your help in taking part in the survey so that our services can support your needs. The information gives us the best understanding of how to help our communities thrive. We completely understand if you feel uncomfortable answering any questions and you can choose not to if you prefer.

What should I expect?

Any calls from IFF Research will come from the number 0208 049 5775 or 01616 948 044. To reach as many customers as possible IFF Research might call between 9am-8pm, Monday to Friday, and between 11am-5pm on Saturday. Emails from IFF will come from The Getting To Know You survey will be ongoing until April 2022. Customer satisfaction surveys will be carried out every month.

If you would like to speak to us about this survey, please call us on our usual number, 0330 355 1000.