New funding available for our customers

Posted 02 Nov 2022

Apply for funding now through the new Thrive Fund

We are excited to launch our brand-new fund, the Thrive Fund, which we've set up to help combat the increased cost of living by helping support our customers financially. 

If you are one of our customers you can now apply for funding through our Thrive Fund to buy things like new furniture, food, school uniforms or whatever it is you feel you need. 

Who can apply?

We want to ensure you can all benefit from this fund and can access support if you need it. That’s why this fund is open to all One Manchester customers who are renting their home.

How much can I apply for?

We’ve decided not to restrict the amount of funding you can apply for.  We hope by keeping the fund open, it will allow you to apply for how much you feel you need and would truly benefit from.

That means you can apply for any financial amount depending on what you need, and no application amount is too small! 

How do I apply? 

All the information you need to apply for support through the Thrive Fund can be found on our dedicated Thrive Fund webpage

Find out more about apply here: Thrive Fund | One Manchester