Keeping Cool This Summer

Posted 19 Jul 2022

This week, Manchester has been included in a Red Extreme heat warning from the Met Office for temperatures of up to 35℃ . We know these temperatures will continue to be a struggle for most of us, so we’ve collated some handy tips to help you stay safe and cool this summer. 

As temperatures continue to soar across Manchester and beyond, remember to;
•    Avoid being out in the sun during the hottest part of the day (11am and 3pm) and plan your day to avoid heavy activity during extreme heat.
•    If you are out and about during the hot weather, be as prepared as possible making sure you have everything you will need with you, such as a bottle of water, sun cream and a hat.
•    When out in the heat, walk in the shade, keep suntan lotion topped up and make sure clothing is light.

Keep your home cool

Finding ways to keep temperatures down in your home is the best way to stay cool during the summer. Here are some tips on reducing the temperature in your home;
•    Shade windows that are exposed to direct sunlight. If you don’t have blinds, get inventive -  see what items from round your house you can use to cover windows e.g. newspapers. 
•    Open windows to get air flowing through your home.
•    Make sure your heating is off.
•    Try putting bowls of ice cold water in rooms in your house. As they evaporate it will cool the air down.
•    Turn off any lights or electrical equipment that isn’t in use.

Dress for the weather

Dressing right for the hot weather and protecting your body from the sun will help to keep you cool and protected during the summer. Here are some top tips on how to do this;
•    If you have to go out in the heat it is best to walk in the shade and wear lightweight clothes that are loose-fitting and light coloured. At home wear as little clothing as you need to keep cool.
•    Wear head wear that will help reduce sun exposure to your face, eyes, head and neck.
•    When outdoors wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.
•    Apply suntan cream of at SPF 15 to make sure your skin is protected from the sun’s rays.

Drink lots of fluid and avoid alcohol 

We all need to remember to drink as much water as we can throughout the day!
Staying hydrated is essential during spells of hot weather, as becoming dehydrated can lead you to suffer from heat exhaustion. 
Foods which have higher water content like strawberries, cucumber and lettuce can also help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Stay safe when swimming

Taking a dip in swimming pools, the sea and lakes can be a great way to cool off when temperatures are high. 
However, during hot weather, this can be very dangerous and cause Cold Water Shock. 
Ensure you stay safe this summer by;
•    Never jumping into or swimming in open water (including reservoirs, rivers, canals and ponds). Cold Water Shock can kill in 60 seconds, you never know what's lurking beneath the surface, and under-water currents can be deadly.
•    Always making sure someone knows where you are going and when you are coming back or take someone with you.
•    Taking any warning or safety signs seriously and always keeping a look out for hazards in and around the water.
•    Only entering the water in areas with adequate supervision and rescue cover.
•    Never entering the water after consuming alcohol.
•    Not entering fast flowing water.

You can find more water safety guidance on the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) website: Water Safety - Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service

Guidance for residents of our flat blocks

As flats are generally hotter than houses, we appreciate our residents living in flats will be struggling with high temperatures this summer. 
Following our top tips for keeping your home cool will help residents to keep temperatures down.
Please remember however, no matter how hot your flat is; 
•    Don’t BBQ on balconies
•    Don’t wedge fire doors open in the building
•    Don’t overload electrical sockets 

You can access more balcony safety guidance for flat residents on GMFRS Website: Balcony Safety - Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service

Wider advice on keeping cool and staying safe during the hot weather can be found here:  Beat the heat: staying safe in hot weather - GOV.UK (