Introducing the new Customer Scrutiny Panel shaping services

We couldn’t be happier to introduce the new Customer Scrutiny Panel! A group that makes sure your voices are heard at every level of our organisation. 

Posted 06 Jun 2024

Meet our new Customer Scrutiny Panel

Our customers are why we’re here. Listening to customers, and acting on this insight, is crucial in helping us to improve what we do and how we do it.

So we couldn’t be happier to introduce the new Customer Scrutiny Panel (CSP) - a group of customers that makes sure the customer voice is heard and acted on, at every level of One Manchester.

What does the Panel do?  

The CSP plays a central role in our governance structure. They meet regularly and carry out service reviews, putting together reports, giving constructive feedback and recommendations based on evidence.

Having this in-depth look at our services makes sure that, where we need to improve, customer-focussed solutions are always found, and positive changes made. This is more important than ever this year, as we start to be assessed against the new Consumer Standards and Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs).

As we shape our business for customers, using things such as strategies, policies and procedures, we ask for the views of our Customer Scrutiny Panel, to give us ideas from a customer perspective around how we can shape our thinking to suit customers better. You can find out more about this below. 

Let's hear a little more from the Customer Scrutiny Panel themselves...


What changes are the panel making?  

Since starting, our Customer Scrutiny Panel has had intensive training with a specialist independent organisation called Altair, and the opportunity to meet our Board and leadership team to find out more about how we are run, and they’ve also been giving us feedback on key strategies and policies including;   

  • 6 of our new strategies – including our Vulnerability, Value for Money, Communications, Sustainability and Customer Experience strategies to make sure they’re aligned with what customers want.
  • 708 customer calls and written inquiries alongside One Manchester colleagues, as part of the ongoing review of our repairs service 
Robina scrutiny panel member laughing

What's on the agenda this year?  

The new panel is kicking things off with a repairs service review, which we know from customers is a top priority. This involves looking at your feedback from the Big Listen, mapping customer journeys within the service, and using all of this to rebuild an improved repairs service with a better customer experience.  

June 2024

  • CSP will be busy listening to calls from customers about booking repairs, summarising the Big Listen feedback and looking at the themes behind complaints 

July 2024

  • CSP will be shadowing repair operatives, so they can get a first-hand look at how they carry out their work.

September 2024

  • CSP will be creating a report and making recommendations to us on the improvements we should make to our repairs service.

October 2024-March 2025

  • Recommendations will be reviewed during this period and the panel will be helping us work on an action plan to make these improvements.
  • CSP will then start their next in-depth service scrutiny, which will have a detailed timeline and actions which we’ll update you on once we start.

April 2025

  • We'll be getting stuck in making the changes to our repairs service and begin the actions from our co-created plan.

We’ll be sharing more about the progress on this soon! 

Would you like to help shape our services?  

We always welcome more customers who want to be involved! There are lots of different ways to have your say and give feedback on the services we provide. Visit the Customer Voice page to find out more about these groups.

You can also sign up to join our feedback group by letting your Neighbourhood Officer know that you want to give feedback during your Tenancy Experience visit.

And if these routes don’t suit you – please let us know! We’re running a consultation over the summer all about customer voice, to find out how you want to give us feedback in the future. You can take the survey here.