How online workshops can help you

Posted 13 Oct 2021

Graduating from university can be a scary time - there's a lot of pressure to find a job after working so hard for a degree. Where will you go? What job do you want to do? And how do you make that first step into the world of work?

This is how Layton felt when he graduated in the middle of a pandemic. "I studied engineering at Liverpool University. My final year was all completed remotely due to Covid shutting the campus down, so I missed out on work experience. I was really worried this would stop me from getting a good job."

After struggling for a while, Layton reached out to the One Future team for support. He spoke to Duncan, our Employment Support Adviser, and it soon became clear that Layton was worried about creating a good CV. He had come to the right place though, as Duncan was able to refer Layton to our online CV workshop to help. This is a free workshop available to One Manchester customers that can help you craft the perfect CV with support from our friendly employment specialists, from the comfort of your own home. 

The workshop was a success: "I learned how to lay out my CV, and the team helped me to aim it at engineering jobs. I got a lot out of the session."

However, improving Layton's CV was just the start of his support plan from One Future. He was struggling with confidence and needed some help to improve his job application skills. The first workshop worked so well that Layton also went to the STAR method and transferrable skills online workshops, where he could learn tips and tricks to make his applications stand out.

"I had been applying for jobs for a while but could never get an interview, it was very frustrating. These sessions gave me the skills I needed to stand out to employers."

The workshops helped and Layton was soon offered an interview at a local engineering firm. He had a final one-to-one session with the One Future team to go through interview techniques and practice questions, to build his confidence and make sure he was ready to impress his potential employers. And we're pleased to say that it all paid off, as Layton was offered a job as a design engineer!

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