Help with childcare costs

Posted 11 Aug 2022

Find help with childcare costs

Childcare costs are a significant outgoing for any family, but did you know there is a variety of support available from the Government to help parents cover these costs whether you are in receipt of benefits or not. 

Tax Free Childcare is currently underclaimed as some working families are not aware that they are entitled to this support which could be up to £2000 a year towards the cost of childcare per child. 

Working families on Universal Credit and not eligible for Tax Free Childcare might be entitled to claim back up to 85% of eligible childcare costs.

For more information, to work out the right support for you and how to apply, please visit the Childcare Choices website: Childcare Choices | 30 Hours Free Childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK

Help with increased cost of living

There is a range of financial support available from the Government to support people with the increased cost of living. You can find out more here: Cost of Living Payment - GOV.UK (

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