Get help with your money worries

Posted 11 Oct 2021

With bills increasing and changes to Universal Credit hitting many people, we're supporting Challenge Poverty Week. The aim is to provide information on services that can help you during difficult times. From household bills, to food, and borrowing money, see if you could benefit from the help available.

  1. The Bread and Butter Thing and community grocers help lots of people each week. Could they help you save money on food and reduce food waste? Visit the Bread and Butter Thing and Healthy Me Healthy Communities 
  2. Did you know United Utilities can offer lots of scheme to make paying your bill easier? All it takes is a phone call to have a helpful chat with their team on 0800 072 6765 or visit their website.
  3. Helping you keep warm is what LEAP specialise in, and they could make heating your home more manageable. See how the team might be able to help you.
  4. Borrowing money might start out friendly but if it turns serious, threatening or you’re paying back a lot more than you borrowed, you could be in trouble with a loan shark. Don’t suffer in silence, there’s support available to you so get confidential advice on 0300 555 2222.
  5. Managing your money doesn’t have to be worrying. The credit union has lots of way to save, borrow and keep on top of your finances. They’re great if you can’t get a typical bank account too. Find out how to get an account.