Customer Stories: My life during lockdown

Posted 09 Aug 2021

We’re grateful to have heard some inspirational stories from our customers, about their experiences during the last year under the tough conditions brought on by the pandemic. 

For many, it meant long periods of isolation as well as anxiety. Joanne lives in Rose Court, one of our Independent Living Schemes. She decided early on to self-isolate due to some chronic illnesses and health issues, and she has taken the time to talk to us about her experience of the time in lockdown. 




“I decided to keep myself occupied...

... so I began to order material and other things so that I could make face masks, and 3D diamond paintings. I gave some of the masks to Inspire for the taskforce and for the volunteers and staff that work there, I also made some for friends.” 

“When I want to learn how to do a new craft, I use YouTube. There is no such thing as ‘I can’t do something’, it means you won’t do it, or find another excuse not to do something.

"I’ve been in that situation myself and decided to change that, I don’t want to ever be in a rut again, so I stay positive and busy and help others by supporting them, talking to them, and making them laugh.



Unfortunately, during the last year Joanne had a fall at home and ended up with a broken hip. After spending some time in the hospital recovering, she returned home I was given some exercises to do every day to improve her walking.

“I’ve found it very therapeutic keeping myself occupied” she told us. 

“I planted two dwarf fruit trees, as well as some some flowers in the garden, and I’m also hoping to plant bulbs so that the communal garden will look nice for tenants to enjoy. I have mobility difficulties and use a powered wheelchair, so any gardening can be difficult for me, but I have a saying ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’.

“I’m wanting to grow tomatoes and potatoes so that tenants can buy them, and the money can go into the garden fund so that it will go towards anything needed for the garden. 

“I love all the things I do! There is always something to keep us occupied, watching films, listening to music, reading, games, walking or getting fresh air, it all helps us to be safe and well.”

We’d like to thank Joanne for giving us this insight during her time in lockdown. She has been a great help to her neighbours in Rose Court, and we’re really pleased to be able to share her story.

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