Calling all residents in Rusholme and Beswick; applications are now open for funding

Posted 03 Feb 2022

Rusholme and Beswick; this is your chance to pitch for up to £4,000 in funding to support a project in your local area. Whether you want to improve a green space, set up a health and wellbeing activity, or bring people together at an event – we want to support you. 

Applications are shortlisted by us and are judged on how well the project aligns with One Manchester's vision, whether it’s sustainable and how well it demonstrates social innovation. 

We don’t have the final say, though - it’s down to your community to vote for the idea they want to see brought to life.  

We’ve had some amazing and creative winners in the past, including a project that collected surplus food for rough sleepers, a new bike track in a local park, coaching for people fleeing violence and wellbeing sessions to reduce loneliness. 

How it works: 

- You’ll need to complete the form here by midday on Monday 14th February. 

- If your application’s successful, we’ll contact you and the next step will be to record a short video pitch of your idea for us to share on our website and social channels. 

- Then it’s down to the people in your local community to vote for the idea they like best.  

About Community Soup 

The One Manchester Community Fund (Community Soups) was launched in 2015 and allows local groups and businesses to pitch for up to £4,000 in funding. 

We want everyone in our communities to have the opportunity to access positive activities that promote health and wellbeing, bring the community together and help reduce loneliness and isolation. 

This can be making the best of local resources or public spaces, addressing environmental issues, or helping improve people’s wellbeing.  

For more information and to join our Facebook events, visit our page

For this round of funding, we're partnering with Step UP Manchester, so grants for Beswick will be doubled, meaning there will be two grants of up to £4,000 and two grants of £2,000.