A day in the life of a Young Person’s Employability Coach

Posted 24 Nov 2021

Did you know we have a huge range of support and opportunities if you’re looking for work or a change in career? This is open to all ages, but we also have a dedicated colleague to help young people. This support is designed to develop the key skills needed for the best chance of a successful start as they enter the world of work. 

Our One Future team are always on hand to help any young person who needs our support, so we wanted to find out more about the work that goes into providing this kind of support.  

We spoke with Aimee who’s our Young Person’s Employability Coach, and she told us about her role and how she helps to make a difference in people’s lives.

A day in the role

"I don’t have ‘normal’ day really; my working week changes quite often. One week I could have a full calendar of pastoral support sessions for our Kickstart scheme trainees and the next I could be out delivering employability sessions to young people in schools or colleges. 

"My role supports young people aged 16-24 so my main responsibility is to deliver Get Your Future Started training sessions and help students who need support finding their place in education or work. I’m also responsible for the Get Your Future Started academies such as the Construction and Hospitality Academy. I write the workbooks and support learners with their work throughout the duration of their course."

What's the best part of the job? 

"I really enjoy meeting and getting to know the trainees and students, listening to their stories and experiences, and learning about them and their interests. Having a positive working relationship always brings out the best outcome when helping young people, plus I am not too formal in my sessions. I try to have a laugh when I can. 

"It’s also really rewarding when I see a student benefit from a workshop I have delivered, whether it be CV, interview prep, workplace behaviours or anything else. 

"The toughest part is saying goodbye. We have just finished our first round with Kickstart trainees and watching most of them move on to bigger and brighter things is lovely to see, but I will miss them."

What do people think?

"I have had some lovely responses from trainees and students after our sessions.

This is especially when it’s support with things like interview preparation, as being prepared for an interview is crucial so they are in the best frame of mind on the day.

They appreciate the time that’s set aside to support them with whatever they need at the time."

What would you like people to know about the role that they might not already? 

"I guess in a nutshell, I would say my role is the more like the educational face of One Manchester. When I’m delivering sessions to young people, I’m representing One Manchester, helping them, and talking about all the services we offer as we’re not just a housing provider.