Working together to avoid blockages and flooding at your home

Posted 20 Aug 2021

United Utilities say there are around 25,000 blockages in North West sewers each year and around 1,000 homes are affected by flooding – many of which can be avoided. 

It’s a tenant’s responsibility to not flush anything they shouldn’t down the toilet. We are receiving reports of blocked pipes in some areas that don’t only affect one home, but the neighbours nearby. 

Why stop the block? 

Flushing the wrong things down the loo and pouring the wrong things down the sink can create blockages in pipes and drains. This can lead to sewer flooding in the home and garden. 

Help look after your home and avoid blockages and flooding with these handy tips: 

  • Only flush the 3Ps down the loo: Pee, Poo and (toilet) Paper 
  • Always put used wipes into the bin 
  • After cooking, allow fats, oils and grease to cool and then scrape into the bin 

United Utilities have lots of advice on their website to answer any questions you might have.

Read the tips!