From CV support to job joy - how the One Future team helped Verity

Posted 19 Jan 2022

Searching for a new job can be daunting, especially when it’s been a while since you’ve applied for anything. We all know the importance of tailoring your CV to fit the role you’re applying for, but where do you start? 

Verity was in this position and worrying about finding a new job. She had had to leave her previous job as a receptionist due to a health condition but was now ready to get back into the world of work and was looking for something similar. Building a CV from scratch was an intimidating prospect and she needed a helping hand to get started. That’s where Duncan, our Employment Support Adviser, came in!

Duncan helps local people get into work and Verity was encouraged to go along to the Understanding CVs Virtual Workshop, a free online course that goes through the basics of getting your CV in ship shape for job applications. This was a great way to feel inspired and ready to take the next step, but Verity didn’t have a computer to create her CV after the course. Thankfully, she was able to visit The Work Shop in Moss Side for free access to computers.

Verity used the information from the online workshop to create her CV, and with support from Duncan she completed it and started looking for receptionist vacancies. The team also helped Verity with her job applications and on improving her interview skills, to make sure she was feeling confident and ready to shine.

Using her new CV and a tailored cover letter, Verity applied for a receptionist role in a South Manchester doctors’ surgery. It was time for more interview support to get ready to impress her potential new employers – and it worked! We’re pleased to announce that Verity was successful in securing a new job on a part time contract. Congratulations are in order!

If you’re ready for a new job but don’t know where to start, or need some support in your applications, we’re here to help you. Duncan and the rest of the One Future team can support with online workshops, job applications, interview techniques and more. To get started, contact the team today: