Calls about cost of living support

Posted 14 Dec 2022

We'd like to make our customers aware that, starting this week we will be working alongside a research organisation, called IFF Research, to carry out some customer phone calls. These customer calls are part of our ongoing support to customers, and will be used to find out if you need any help as a result of the increased cost of living.

What are the calls for?

We will be contacting you to ask if you need any help or support due to the increased cost of living. In addition to the training and skills services, money and debt advice support our Financial Inclusion Team provide, we have also recently created a new fund called the Thrive Fund, to support you to purchase the things you need most, such as furniture, kitchen equipment, school uniforms or whatever it is you feel you need. 

Whilst calling we will also see if there are any ongoing or new issues with your home that need reporting.

What does it involve?

Starting in December 2022, an external research company called IFF Research will begin telephone surveys on behalf of One Manchester to some of our customers, they may also contact you by email to ask if you wish to take part in the surveys online. IFF Research will carry out the survey in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. Any answers you provide to our questions will be confidential, stored securely and will not be shared with anyone other than One Manchester.

What should I expect?

Any calls from IFF Research will come from the number 0203 148 7717 or 0161 694 8044. To reach as many customers as possible IFF Research might call between 9am-8pm, Monday to Friday, and between 11am-5pm on Saturday. Emails from IFF will come from 

If you have any questions about these calls, please give us a ring on our usual number 0161 231 5222.