Strategic Partnerships

We are very keen to develop close working links with local businesses, community groups and partners in Manchester. By working together at a local level, we believe that we can have a much greater impact on that area and community than if we all worked alone.

Opportunities for partnership working include:

  • Sharing information and data about our neighbourhoods to help plan and develop our services in a way that builds on local assets, and meets emerging needs.
  • Supporting referrals to ensure our communities have access to the services they need.
  • Coordinating approaches to support and funding for local projects to reduce duplication and maximise impact.
  • Exploring and co-producing innovative new projects and programmes.
  • Establishing joint ventures, supporting new social enterprises to develop and thrive.
  • Working together to secure resources and funding for Manchester.

We are particularly keen to explore opportunities to work in partnership with other Manchester based agencies, companies and community groups where we can increase our impact and deliver on our social priorities for the benefit of Manchester.

If you would like to discuss opportunities for partnership working with us, please contact our Strategy and Business Development Team: 0161 227 1277, email: our social investment manager