Our team of Employment Support Advisers are always on hand to give our customers the support they need to get into work.

During the pandemic lots of people have found themselves out of work and we’ve been able to support some of our customers back into employment. 

We offer free, friendly advice and support to anybody who needs the help, no matter what their circumstances or stage of life. This was the case with Jim Morris, a customer who was referred to our team from the Job Centre in December 2020. Jim had moved back from Australia to the UK ten years ago, where he had been working on the railways. 

Since being back in the UK, he had found contract work as a cleaner in Tesco and other smaller stores. However, during the pandemic Tesco took their cleaning contracts in-house and so the company Jim worked for lost the contract and he was made redundant.


the workshop

The Workshop

“I went into The Workshop for an appointment for help to apply for work”, said Jim. “I’ve never really used a computer, and I have a smart phone but I’ve no idea how to work it.” 

Duncan Hempson, one of our Employment Support Advisers, worked with Jim and told us:


“We spoke about him coming into The Workshop to get support and coaching with how to job search and apply for work. He didn’t have a computer so he was using the facilities here at The Workshop. We had looked at a CV that was created for him and updated it to make some changes which focused on facilities roles.”

Unfortunately, January saw the country going into the third lockdown, and soTthe Workshop had to stay closed until further notice. This left Jim feeling stuck as he couldn’t access the face-to-face support that had helped him so much.  

“We discussed that we could do meetings over the phone”, explained Duncan. 

“I had his CV and so I could send applications on his behalf and we’d work through the application questions together as I could type them in for him.” 

When a member of the team found a full-time cleaning role that had become available, Jim’s name sprung to mind immediately. 

“We spoke to him over the phone and sent his CV to the cleaning company. Jim then had a telephone interview on 25th January. We were delighted to hear that he was then offered a contract to start his new job on Monday 1st February. We’re absolutely thrilled for him and are glad to have played a part in this success story.” 

Whatever your experience, background, or ambitions, our team can help you take the next step on the pathway to a more successful future. Being able to provide one-to-one support means our customers’ names are always in mind when the right opportunity comes up. 

If you would like free help finding work or training, call 0161 230 1057 or email onefuture@onemanchester.co.uk.