How can the One Future team help you in your career journey? Read about how their expertise helped another local person to get back on their feet.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Linda* was made redundant in September 2020, and went on to approach the One Future team for advice and guidance around getting a new job. She had been working as a chef, and the hospitality sector was unfortunately one of the hardest hit with lockdown. After initially being placed on the furlough scheme, Linda was made redundant and ended up having to claim Universal Credit.

Patrick Henry, one of our Employment Support Advisers, helped Linda figure out what she wanted to do in her job journey.

“We explored Linda’s background, and she told me more about herself so I could help her navigate the process back into employment. She told me she had been working as a chef for around 28 years in various professional and large corporate companies, catering for employees. As catering was her passion, this was the only experience she had.”

With catering food and hygiene qualifications at NVQ Level 1 and Level 2, Linda had great experience and knowledge of the sector she had worked in for many years, but no other qualifications. 

After exploring the possibility of other sectors, primarily business admin or reception jobs, Patrick told us “I looked at her CV, which was mainly targeted for the hospitality and catering sector, and made some changes to it to help her with her job search. I then pointed her in the right direction by giving her access to a few job sites that I know employers use.”

However, Linda wasn’t done with the catering sector yet! Patrick directed her towards a cook vacancy that he knew would be perfect for her – she was well suited and qualified for the role, and decided to go for it with some support from the One Future team.

Patrick said “I supported Linda with the application process including a CV and covering letter, and some interview prep.”

With help from the team, Linda aced her job application and was shortlisted for an interview for the position. The interview was a success and she went on to accept the job, as the employer was impressed by her application, interview and experience. 

When the Covid 19 pandemic began, the future of chefs was uncertain, so Linda was worried about finding a fixed job but she’s achieved it. She told us “I’m very grateful for all the help and support from Patrick and the One Future service. I’m buzzing and feeling more confident and happy.”

Are you looking for a new job? Not sure where to start, or feeling overwhelmed? We can help. The One Future team are here for you and can provide free, one-to-one support to get you where you want to be. To find out more, you can contact the team on 0161 230 1057 or email
*not her real name