If you have money worries or financial problems, our One Manchester money advisers are specially trained to help you out. The team offer one-to-one support and can help with free debt and benefits advice. You can’t always know when you will have money worries, which is why our team are always on hand to listen and talk you through the solutions to get you back on track. There can be many reasons for needing advice including a loss of job, change in relationship or family circumstances, health problems, or other unexpected events outside of your control. 

Our One Manchester money advisers have referred lots of people to community grocers in Manchester which has been a lifesaver. There are many schemes to help with furniture for your home including beds, white goods, and small electrical items to make your house a home. If you struggle to pay your rent or can’t afford your bills, then make an appointment with our money advice team on 0330 355 1000 or email onemoney@onemanchester.co.uk

You don’t have to suffer in silence, there are alternative ways to make payments that can take the worry away. Breathing Space is a scheme which stops your creditors from contacting you for 60 days and you cannot be evicted from your home in that time. One Manchester debt advisers must assess your eligibility for the scheme, so get in touch on 0330 355 1000 to see if you can qualify for the Breathing Space scheme.

One Manchester money and benefits advisers can help with:

  1. help with debt
  2. how to budget and save money
  3. benefits applications and appeals
  4. payment holidays for personal finances

They can also talk to you about:

Help with debt 

If you’re looking for debt solutions to help you get on track with your finances, our helpful Debt Solutions Explained booklet has lots of useful information. You can download the booklet to fill it in online or read through the advice further down the page. For residents in Manchester debt advice is available Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm. The team can help you keep more money in your pocket with a budget planner, so you know where you’re spending money.

Our specialist advisers can speak to your energy supplier, creditors dealing with personal bills, or companies you have loans from to help get better payment plans for you. They will explain how to speak to your bank to consolidate any loans, credit card debt or overdrafts so you pay less interest on the money you have borrowed.

You don’t have to go to Step Change or CAB for debt advice as our dedicated team’s debt advice line is available to One Manchester tenants. For debt advice in Manchester, you can find out about: 

Make sure you have considered the warnings before agreeing to any debt solutions. Read about the debt solutions if you live in Scotland.


Debt Solutions booklet

How to budget and save money

It can be surprising to find out where you spend your money once you use a free money budget planner. Paying your rent, household bills and buying food can mean you don't have much left by the end of the month if you don't using a spending calculator. Use this money budget planner which gives you a clear understanding of how much money you have and where it is being spent.

Be careful that you don’t spend more than you can afford. Spending money that you don’t have usually needs paying back at a higher rate, which can often mean that you are only repaying the interest and not the debt itself.

You can talk about budgeting with our trained money advisers in confidence, so make an appointment on 0330 355 1000 or email onemoney@onemanchester.co.uk

Benefits advice in Manchester

If you’re not sure what benefits you’re entitled to, our money advisers are experts at helping you apply for benefits. They can assess your personal situation and work in confidence with you. They have helped thousands of One Manchester customers with claims for:

Our specialist benefits advisers can help you fill out benefit claim forms which can be complicated for lots of people. You can make a one-off appointment or get long-term support depending on your circumstances. You don’t have to be unemployed to get support from our advisers. They’ve worked with lots of clients who have been in full-time or part-time work, single parents, larger families, or single people who live alone. The team can also put you in touch with our One Future team to help you find work or the training you need to begin your career. Phone our benefits advice helpline and a customer services adviser will make an appointment with the One Money team on 0330 355 1000.

Payment holidays

If you’ve been on furlough and have taken payment holidays on your household bills or personal spending, then it’s important that you understand how to re-pay the money. Interest will be added to your bills and credit agreements during the time you have had a payment holiday. That means you will need to pay a higher amount when you restart payment. If you can afford to re-start your payments, then it’s best not to delay doing so.

If you have taken a mortgage payment holiday or your bills, car finance, credit card, or council tax need to be paid, don’t delay. Speak to our One Manchester money advice team who will make sure you have a manageable payment plan set-up to help you. Many people are in this situation so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Ring 0330 355 1000 or email onemoney@onemanchester.co.uk 

The One Money team can make appointments from Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm. We have many examples of customers who have breathed a sigh of relief after getting the help they were too worried to ask for. We would never advise you to use loan sharks because they are illegal and charge very high interest rates. If you know of somebody acting as a loan shark in Manchester, then report them to the Stop Loan Sharks team anonymously on 0300 555 2222. You can always speak to a trained money adviser for free if you have financial worries.

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