Heat Energy Charges

One Manchester is a heat energy supplier to a number of housing schemes where we manage communal heating plant facilities.

There are a number of communal plant rooms situated at each block. The plant room provides heated water to serve each flat via a heat network. An individual heat meter measures how much heating and hot water each flat uses so that you only pay for what you use. 

This system is a much safer method of providing heating and hot water to flats within a tower block than the individual gas supplies that were in place previously.  

Your tariff is an all-in rate, meaning that there is no separate standing charge and you will only pay for the energy that you use.

One Manchester does not make a profit on this scheme. The tariff you pay covers the costs we incur to run the system. We will review the tariff on a regular basis and inform customers in advance of any changes.

Please refer to your welcome pack which explains how to do this. You should contact us if you lose your heat energy payment card on 0330 355 1000. You may be charged for a replacement card.

You will be expected to return your heat energy payment card to One Manchester when you end your tenancy. If you do not, then you may be charged for a replacement.

You will either have been provided with a smart meter display unit has been installed in your home which shows you key information about your energy usage, the cost of your usage and the remaining credit. Alternatively you can request energy usage statement from us by phoning 0330 355 1000. 

If you break or lose the smart meter display unit then you may be charged for a replacement.

Even though there is no longer any gas in your home, you will still need to contact your gas supplier to arrange to have your gas meter removed. It is important that you do this straight away as your gas supplier may continue to charge you daily standing charges for every day the meter is in your home. If your gas supplier is trying to charge you for the removal then contact One Manchester on 0330 355 1000 and our Customer Liaison team to help you with this.

You will have received a user guide for your heating controller when it was installed. If you need another copy either contact One Manchester on 0330 355 1000 to request a copy.

If your heating or hot water in't working, and you have credit on both your heat meter and your electricity account, then please ring the One Manchester on 0330 355 1000 to discuss how to get your heating and hot water working.

Winter Fuel Payments and Cold Weather Payments will not be affected.

If you normally receive Warm Homes Discount through your electricity supplier, then this will not be affected. The only difference will be if you normally request your Warm Home Discount to be applied to your gas account, you will need to ask for it to be applied to your electricity account. Please contact your electricity supplier to check if you are eligible for the Warm Home Discount.   

Local Welfare Provision Fuel Payments (administered by Manchester City Council). This will still be available to eligible residents for emergency electricity top up only. Unfortunately, they will not be able to provide emergency top ups for heat energy customers.

Please ring One Manchester straight away and ask to speak to our One Money team on 0330 355 1000. They provide advice and support on debt, benefits and money management.